Forming a Florida Corporation Requirements

If you are forming a Florida Corporation you will need to understand the requirements imposed by the State of Florida.  The name of the business should include incorporation, corporation, Inc, corp., company, or co.   The name can not be similar to another company located in the state.  In order to use Bank, Bancorp, Loan, or Mortgage in the name you must get an approval from the Department of Federal Regulation.

Florida requires the following for directors of the corporation:

  1. Minimum of 1 director
  2. Must be 18 years old
  3. Address and name of directors are included on the articles of incorporation
  4. No requirement for the director to live in Florida

The articles of incorporation also include the number of authorized shares and its par value.  The corporation must also select a registered agent with a physical address in Florida.  The registered agent should be available during regular business hours to accept legal and tax documents.

Other filings required at the time of formation are:

  1. Current filings fees (July 2010) for the state of Florida are $150.00
  2. Obtain employer identification number (EIN) or federal tax identification number.
  3. There is currently no requirement for a state of Florida tax identification number.

Other government compliance requirements including sales tax, licenses (state, county, city), unemployment tax, etc. may be required after the corporation is registered.


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